Five Top Tech Trends for 2019

AUG 27

Technology is now developing at such a fast rate that annual trend projections may seem outdated before they even go live as a published blog post or article. Even as fresh techniques are being created, innovation is quickly changing how organizations function and how we interact with the world.

Here’s a quick look at the top technological trends that is said to govern 2019

• Artificial Intelligence (AI)
AI is about machines with human attributes - speaking, reading, seeing and even recognizing emotion - completing tasks while also "learning" from repeated interactions. Using algorithms that adapt to location, speech or user-history. Machines can perform tasks that are dangerous or tedious, more accurately or much faster than humans.
• Internet of Things (IoT)
With Wi-Fi connectivity, many things are being constructed, which means they can be linked to the internet and to each other, thus, the Internet of Things, or IoT. IoT enables devices, home appliances, cars and much more to be connected to and exchange data over the Internet.
• Machine Learning
Machine Learning is a subset of AI. With Machine Learning, computers are programmed to learn to do something they are not programmed to do: They literally learn by discovering patterns and insights from data. In general, we have two types of learning, supervised and unsupervised.
• Augmented and Virtual Reality
While virtual reality (VR) is commonly thought to be used only in the gaming world. Latest technological innovations have disclosed that VR can be used for much more than that. As of this day, there is enough potential for VR to deliver education, training, entertainment and rehabilitation services.
• Cybersecurity
Because most tasks are automated and there are large amounts of data online, security becomes a major problem. As a consequence, information security has become a growing trend that prohibits hacking, data corruption, unauthorized access to websites and databases as well as appropriate digital privacy measures being implemented.