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Our goal is to provide a new standard to digital experience and develop a means of customer engagement through technology. We design and create world class applications to meet the requirements of our clients.


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    Understanding the huge gap that exists in the educational sector, teachers and parents must now depend upon the external sources to provide high quality content that gives the children an opportunity to learn out of the classroom. We have developed a program called SMAT that allows for such an interactive learning experience to the children. SMAT Elementary is great example of some of our products, the app helps parents and schools in monitoring the activities of children while in school.

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    Customer Engagement

    It’s not enough to be on the top, the struggle to stay there is harder. We are living in an era where established brands such as interswitch, Apple and Google have built their own platforms to draw continuous customer engagement. When you channelize consumers on online platforms, their sentiment gets aligned with your brand engagement, it’s an activation that has no limits.

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    Sports Streaming & Analytics

    The world of sports is seeing a dramatic change where technology is used to help improve an individual or team. We see this as an opportunity to help grow the sports industry in Nigeria. With the help of our partners, we are broadcasting live Nigerian Nationwide League Division 2 & 3 football matches online

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    Web and Mobile Development

    We craft beautiful and intuitive designs that our top-notch developers bring to life with nimble and immaculate code. Bestowed with creative minds, we have strong skills to develop deep engaging beautiful interfaces on web and app.

Our Team

We have hard working and friendly staff at your disposal, so feel free to contact any of them to set up an appointment or help you with any of your questions.

Mahmoud K I Umar Founder and CEO
Founder and CEO of Data,tac Nigeria Limited, He supervises all company functions.
Abubakar Sadiq Ahmed General Manager
Oversees all functions, activities and staff of the company.

Aisha H. Abubakar Admin Officer
Handles the daily planning and execution of the companies administrative functions.
Jennifer Jonas Social and Digital Analyst
In charge of the companies image to our clients and customers, say hi to her using our social media handles.
Habib Aliyu L IT Officer
In charge of the IT related services in the office, say hi to him in your emails to us.
Emmanuel Undiandeye Product Analyst
In charge of the company's product image. He conducts research to optimize market reach.
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