Datatac Nigeria Limited and Galaxy Uniprep Center Sign Partnership

JUN 08

Data.tac Nigeria Limited recently signed a contract with Galaxy Uniprep Center on the 6th of May 2020. The contract was signed with representatives from both organizations in attendance while maintain social distance at the NTIC compound in Abuja. The GALAXY UNIPREP CENTRE / Abuja, is a continuing education centre working in collaboration with the management of Nigerian Tulip International Colleges (NTIC), Abuja to specifically cater and prepare secondary and post-secondary school students for national and international examinations. With the years of successful academic records of accomplishment, the centre has been able to establish partnership with universities.

This contract will bring in a unique partnership where Galaxy Uniprep will be the educational content rights owner to provide relevant educational content to be uploaded on the Data.tac’s revolutionary SMAT Vault application which digitalizes content and extracts data which is made available to the end-users. The SMAT Vault App will be made available by Data.tac Nigeria Limited to the public and educational institutions to subscribe. Data.tac is proud to announce this collaboration and hopes it will mutually benefit all parties to the contract and take both companies to new heights in all of their respective domains.