Back to School Tips for Parents and Kids

SEP 11

The summer schedule and routine tend to be more relaxed and carefree with traveling, camps, and family vacations. While children are excited for their first day back to school, parents are filled with thoughts of “I’m I ready enough?” The different change in environment from summer to school can be a challenging transition.

If you’re stressed about the upcoming school year, check out these 6 back-to-school tips for parents and kids.

• Schedule Your Days
It will be quite challenging to go from going to sleep late and waking up mid-day, to suddenly shifting into school mood. Implement a schedule a 1-2weeks before school starts to get your children back into the habit of going to sleep at a designated time and waking up earlier. The goal is to help them readjust their evening and morning routine.
• Be Prepared When Transitioning Back-to-School
Start your back to school shopping ahead. Purchase your school supplies early, so you are not stressed as the summer wraps up. You can get your child excited by shopping for school supplies together.
• End Lousy Summer Habits
It is easy to get into bad habits and hard to break out of them. Patterns such as staying up late, to unhealthy eating can be complicated to break. Start slowly, create a more structured meal plan and start incorporating healthier snacks to keep in the house, while purging the bad ones.
• Complete Summer Homework
Encourage your child to complete homework’s before resumption, so you’re not stressing about it. Get their brain in the routine of acquiring information again.
• Meet the New Teacher
For kids, one of the biggest back-to-school fears is “Will I like my new teacher?” Breaking the ice early is one of the best ways to calm their fears. Introduce yourself to their new teacher and develop a familiar rapport. Having a good relationship with your child’s teachers aids better communication between your child and the teacher.
• Tour the School
For children attending a new school, getting familiarized with their environment will help them avoid a nervous stomach on the first day.