Child Friendly School Environment

JUN 28

What exactly is a child friendly school environment?
How do we distinguish a child friendly school from one that isn’t?

A child friendly school environment is as the name suggests. According to UNICEF, a child friendly school should boast of an environment that is physically protected, genuinely secure and mentally empowering. A child friendly school views education as each kid's privilege and screens the rights of each child in the community and creates an environment where teachers are friendly and welcoming to children and their needs.

• The school is child seeking
Actively identifying excluded children to get them enrolled in school and included in learning.
• The school is child centered
Acting in the best interests of the child, leading to the realization of the child’s full potential.
• The school is child inclusive
It doesn’t discriminate against children, respects diversity and ensures equality of learning for all children.
• It is effective for learning
Promotes good quality teaching and learning processes with individualized training suitable to each child's developmental level, abilities, and learning style. Also provides structured content and great quality materials and resources.
• It is healthy and protective of children
Ensures a healthy, hygienic, and safe learning environment, with adequate water and sanitation facilities and healthy classrooms, healthy policies and practices. Safeguards and shield all children from abuse and harm.
• It is gender sensitive
Promotes gender equality in enrolment and achievement. Equally eliminates gender stereotypes.
• It is involved with children, families and communities
Promotes child participation in all aspects of school life, works to strengthen families as the child's primary caregivers and educators. Enables children, parents, and teachers establish harmonious relationships and equally encourages local partnership in education.

Experience is presently demonstrating that a structure of rights-based, child-friendly schools can be an incredible asset for both satisfying the privileges of children and giving them education of good quality.