Benefits of technology in education

JUL 09

It is important to acknowledge the fact that students are intrigued and very much interested in technology hence creating a lot of amazing opportunities for schools to benefit from integrating some forms of technology in the classroom and make teaching and learning more effective. Adequate technology integration guides students towards better comprehension of all concepts covered in class.

Here are some of the main benefits of using technology in the classroom.

• Technology improves teaching

Technology can help improve teaching with the use of endless online resources. Teachers can use different apps or rely on online resources to improve the regular ways of teaching and to keep students more engaged.

• Enables you track student’s progress

Schools can depend on platforms and tools that allow you to keep track of the individual achievements of your students. A lot of educational apps are present that enables you to do that.

• Encourages more communication between teachers and parents

More opportunities are created for parents and teachers to connect with each other through the use of technology. Apps and software options allow teachers to instantly report on a child’s behavior to let parents know in real-time what's going on all through the day.

• It creates a new approach to learning for students

There are three vital forms of intelligence that we see in children today: emotional, creative, and instructional. Technology allows children to embrace their curiosity in multiple ways.

• It encourages classroom collaboration

Technology gives us an easy way to develop student’s collaboration skills by using online tools that encourage them to work together. If kids can practice what they were taught immediately, there is very little that they will forget.