Improving Students Communication Skills

JUL 22

A homeroom environment heavily depends on the nature of communication occurring inside it. Teachers are in the ideal position to create a system that supports communicational skills in students. As a teacher what can you do to improve your learner’s communication skills? A lot of children are different and may have challenges that hinder or make them feel left out. Such learners cannot be avoided and need assistance of not just the teacher but the parent too.

We will be highlighting some steps that can be implemented to improve children’s communication skills;

• Encourage Children to Engage in Conversations. Take the time to ask questions during an art class or games to get input from them or talk about feelings about events occurring in school or home, that way the child will want to open up and also learn to initiate a conversation on his or her own.
• Make Use of Technology. From book recordings to applications, there is a huge number of tech resources you can use for improving student’s communication skills. Students can tune in or read alongside book recordings to hear how the speaker articulates various words or expressions.
• Group Presentations. Create tasks that involves students working in teams or groups, doing this constantly improves their communication skills because they have to work together to get the task done.
• Make Room for Opinions. Ask students opinion of various topics. Open ended questions such as “what did you like best about the excursion?” instead of “did you like the excursion? allows students to share their opinion freely.

Taking steps towards improving students communication skills creates improved outcomes for students who stay in their shell and also encourages an increasingly open and collaborative learning environment.